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5am-wakeup-callThis 5am WakeUp Call Guide is a 10-part introduction to living a 5am Wake Up Call life: how to get more sleep, unleash your passion, and live a rich life. I don’t want you to have any regrets so I want to help you start to live a live with definiteness of purpose right now. Life’s to short to waste! Scroll below to begin. Or click here to take a tour of this website, completely devoted to helping you Live Your Rich Life.

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5am WakeUp Call Training Guide

Part 1: What Is a 5am WakeUp Call?

A 5am Wake Up Call is the habit of waking up at 5am to achieve your biggest dreams in life, and live a life of balance. I call that a rich life. Without this you can easily drift through, what I call, an accidental life without achieving true success. So by choosing to become a 5’amer you are literally giving yourself a wake up call because living a 5 am lifestyle makes everything you ever wanted possible. Click here to find out more about a 5am WakeUp Call.

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Part 2: Benefits of a 5am WakeUp Call

A 5am Wake Up Call will give you spirit. Spirit is defined as: The principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans; And, to encourage; urge on or stir up, as to ACTION. The power of a 5am Wake Up Call is that it is a CALL to action. Before your busy day takes hold you will take action towards creating a rich life. Click here to discover the six Benefits of a 5am WakeUp Call.

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Part 3: Famous 5amers

You have a choice, either get out of bed at 5.00 a.m. and start to be successful or stay in bed and dream about being successful. Most successful people get up early. Most unsuccessful people sleep in. Modern 5amer’s include John Grisham, Sam Walton, Howard Schultz, George W Bush, Michelle and Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Michael Dell and Donald Trump. Take strength from the men and women who understand the power of early rising and have chosen to make it a most valuable daily habit. Click here to see Famous 5amers.

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Part 4: Your Accidental Life

Most of us live an accidental life. So many dreams go unfulfilled, so much talent is wasted away and so many people get to the end of their life feeling like they missed doing something. Unfulfilled dreams and desires have a habit of returning to haunt you, and it is hard to gauge the effect that has on someone’s life, health and happiness. Click here to learn about Your Accidental Life.

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Part 5: Your Rich Life

Long-term success is only possible when the foundations of life are in balance. You can have all the success in the world but if it’s not part of a well-balanced life it won’t last, just look at Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse or Cory Monteith. A 5am Wake Up Call RICH life makes sure all of the 6 foundations are in balance. Click here to learn about (and create) Your Rich Life.

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Part 6: Rich Life Blueprint

You simply cannot do everything, have everything, be friends with everyone, learn everything, live everywhere, play everything and desire everything. Most importantly, we spend our day thinking about wanting all these things when in fact we don’t. That leads to feeling defeated, overwhelmed, unsuccessful, untalented and jealous. Free yourself up once and for all of all the baggage so you can focus on a definite purpose and achieve success. Click here to discover your Rich Life Blueprint.

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Part 7: The Science of a 5am Wake Up Call

The habit of a 5am Wake Up Call is the catalyst for you to reset your habits. The mental process of a 5am Wake Up Call, and the all-important action taken during that 15 to 60 minutes will physically change your mind by rewiring your brain. The process known as neuroplasticity means; “the brain’s natural ability to form new connections in order to compensate for injury or changes in one’s environment”. A 5am Wake Up Call is that changed environment. Click here to discover The Science of a 5am WakeUp Call.

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Part 8: Your Magnificent Obsession

To supercharge the process you need to make the habit of writing out your 5am Wake Up Call Magnificent obsession statement (I call it your M.O. Statement for short). This brings it all together so you gain clarity with passion through focusing on exactly what you want out of life every morning you wake up at 5am. Click here to discover Your Magnificent Obsession.

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Part 9: Establish Your 5am Habit

Our relationship with bed is paradoxical. We are reluctant to go to bed at night and reluctant to get out of it in the morning. In the greater scheme of things a 5am Wake Up Call is not asking that much of ourselves. It is only asking that you commit to a relatively minor change to your daily routine and importantly is not requiring you to go with less sleep. Click here to learn more about Establishing Your 5am Habit.

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Part 10: Advanced 5am WakeUp Practice

Add power to achieving success with your magnificent obsession and RICH life by following these powerful strategies to help you improve your existing 5am habit. Click here to learn more about these Advanced 5am WakeUp Strategies.

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