Advanced 5am Practice

I want to add power to achieving success with your magnificent obsession and RICH life by giving you some final strategies.

1. A Living M.O. Statement

Your M.O statement is an organic declaration, which will change overtime as you achieve objectives and replace them with new ones, receive new information or as new opportunities comes to light. As you write it out each morning it will change and slowly be rewritten over time. This process, adds power to the exercise allowing you to closely examine your definiteness of purpose every day and adjust as needed. It also prevents you from drifting through life by procrastinating. You can take action immediately by writing out your MO Statement without delay. Don’t put it off and wait for the perfect statement or complete plan, do it now.  Action is the most important outcome, so write your statement today knowing that you can change it tomorrow.

* * *

2. Action, Action, Action

The opposite of decision is procrastination. Procrastination is the killer of dreams. You need to make decisions clearly and with conviction and you need to take action. A 5am Wake Up Call is a shout to the world that you are taking action. Your M.O. statement is a declaration of that action. A 5am Wake Up Call is the critical step to take each day to work on your magnificent obsession. Therefore, by waking up early you are achieving your magnificent obsession and setting yourself up for success. It the daily exercise to rewire your brain and make your magnificent obsession the all-consuming purpose of your day. You may have spent years thinking about what you want to do, what dreams you have or what you want to be.

Be that person now.

* * *

3. Self-confidence

A 5am Wake Up Call is an exercise in self-confidence. Give your dreams the acknowledgement they deserve. Entertain and examine them for often they will reveal to you a path to a wonderful life. Don’t listen to those around you who do not understand your dreams for it is often the case that it is just not right for them. As you follow your dreams with action you will increase and develop your self-confidence by knowing that your dream is worth the hard work and can be achieved.

* * *

4. Persistence

A 5 am Wake Up Call is an exercise in persistence. Persistence, persistence and more persistence is essential for achieving your magnificent obsession. To be persistent you need to find the time to keep taking action. Now you have the time.

John Grisham started his career by making sure he wrote at least one page each day, that’s persistence.

* * *

5. Your State of Mind and the Law of Attraction

A 5am Wake Up will build a better state of mind. A state of mind includes both thinking positively or negatively however, once you start working on your magnificent obsession with enthusiasm and excitement your brain’s neurotransmitters will be firing releasing chemicals to remind you that what you’re are doing is beneficial. As this is repeated with persistence and passion your state of mind improves and changes who you are. The law of attraction is a power that can grow with exponential strength and precision making you likely to have opportunity seemingly fall into your lap bringing riches and happiness. Use this law of attraction but do not overestimate its power by thinking it is something you can rule the universe with.  Do not underestimate its power either for it will help you work towards achieving your magnificent obsession.

* * *

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