Benefits of a 5am WakeUp Call

Benefits of a 5am Wake Up Call

A 5am Wake Up Call will give you spirit.

Spirit is defined as: The principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans; And, to encourage; urge on or stir up, as to ACTION.

Let me repeat,

“to encourage; urge on or stir up,
as to take action”.

The power of a 5am Wake Up Call is that it is a CALL to action. Before your busy day takes hold you will take action towards creating a rich life.

To demonstrate how this call to take action will improve your life consider the acronym S.P.I.R.I.T.

* * *

S.P.I.R.I.T. = Success

A 5am Wake Up life is a powerful tool for success. Grasp that hour or two each morning and do something you have always thought about but never got around to.

How one measures success is a personal and one that is almost as hard to answer as the meaning of life. For one person, success is winning the gold medal, and for another it is just completing the race. Some need a fortune while others simply wish to pay off the family home. Some go on to become scholars when others find success in simply completing high school.

It is all relevant and it is all positive.

Success comes from giving something wonderful a go, something that you have to strive for, that may feel out of reach, moves you to a much better place and that you passionately believe in with all your heart. Whether you actually achieve a goal is not the true sign of success. being willing to do whatever it takes and working hard towards it with persistence and self control is. While we recognize success at the finish line it’s the months and years of dedication, hard work and persistence that is true success.

“Carpe diem”. Seize the day. That is success.

Six 5am Wake Up Call to success are:

1. Defining what is your personal success;
2. Accessing Super-Productivity;
3. Removing limits;
4. Getting rich;
5. Being promoted;
6. Improving study.

* * *

S.P.I.R.I.T = Passion

What are you passionate about? What gets you excited? What do you have a white hot burning desire to do? Is there something that if you don’t do you will feel that you have wasted your life? If you can answer those questions easily, you are fortunate.

For most of us it isn’t that clear. Our dreams have been extinguished by our busy lives, put on the back burner until some day.

Unleashing your passion is one of your primary purposes in life for once you do you will add energy, power, excitement and enthusiasm to what it is you want in life. Passion exposes your desires by bringing them to the boil so that you have to act. Passion is nature’s way of telling you something is important to you so you must listen in order to find your magnificent obsession. That all-important idea that will consume your thoughts, spark creativity and require massive action for it to be achieved. Magnificent obsessions have created Billions of dollars in wealth, bought on millions of inventions, have been captured in recording studios, seen on movie screens, read in books and are behind every man and woman who has made an impact on the world or lived a rich life.

Your 5am Wake Up Calls to passion are:

1. Taking action towards your magnificent obsession.
2. Understanding the meaning of life;
3. Having a positive start to the day;
4. Being happy, satisfied and healthier;
5. Being independent;
6. Becoming fascinating.

* * *

S.P.I.R.I.T = Improvement

Improvement is the natural process for mankind. In fact, through the process of neuroplasticity (which I will talk about later) we cannot do anything but, improve; every day, year and over every generation.

Here’s why; when you think about improving your life with a new invention, idea or challenge your brain delivers a dose of dopamine, which your brain uses to improve attention (sharpen your focus) to the new idea. This is called appetitive pleasure. Once you have it (that new invention or idea) you experience consummatory pleasure, which releases endorphins, resulting in a euphoric and peaceful feeling making you satisfied and happy and associating pleasure to the experience. That makes it more likely that you will want to repeat the process and look for a new idea and the process starts over again…and again. That is how we have moved from caves to shelters to houses and condominiums. From fire, to oil lanterns, to candles and to light bulbs. You get the idea.

A 5am Wake Up habit allows you to focus on self-improvement before the rest of the day interferes. This is your time and no one else’s so seek it out, value it and become the best you can be.

Your 5am Wake Up Call to improvement includes:

1. Putting YOU first each day;
2. Fast tracking self improvement;
3. Exercising discipline;
4. Physically improving your brain through neuroplasticity;
5. Increasing focus with the 80/20 Principle;
6. Improving decision-making.

* * *

S.P.I.R.I.T = Reputation

Ones reputation is the estimation in which a person (or thing) is generally held, especially by the community or the general public.

You cannot buy a good reputation, it MUST be earned. The habit of a 5am Wake Up Call is a positive exclamation to your family, friends, work colleges and anyone you may directly or indirectly influence (therefore, the world). I have never heard anyone say, “I’m going to sleep in to impress the boss”. “I’ll sleep in to train for the team”. I’ll sleep in to get rich” or I’ll sleep in to get ahead of the day”!

A 5am Wake Up Call to your reputation will;

1. Help you become a leader;
2. Earn you respect;
3. Improve planning, mind mapping and goal setting;
4. Make you reliable;
5. Improve diligence;
6. Promote method.

* * *

S.P.I.R.I.T = Immunity

Increasing your immunity to the stress, rush and the busy-ness of life is a major outcome of a 5am Wake Up Call. Many little things add up to an extremely large weight, which pulls us down each day making us less productive, less capable and less able to live a rich life. Wouldn’t you be much better if you had it all under control so that at the end of the day you could slow down at a reasonable time, unwind and rest before going to bed early, ready for another great day. A 5am Wake Up habit is NOT about adding to your day. It is about being better focused to increase results and reduce your waste. You will get more sleep with a disciplined habit. Stop being busy for the sake of being busy.

A 5am Wake Up Call to increase your immunity includes;

1. Stopping the morning rush and reducing the stress;
2. Beating the traffic on the way to work;
3. Finishing your day earlier so you can enjoy life, unwind and be happy.
4. Get a better sleep (more) by going to bed earlier and sleeping sounder;
5. Having time for a healthy breakfast and promoting good eating habits;
6. Organizing all those little jobs, chores and busy-ness.

* * *

S.P.I.R.I.T. = Time for Adventure

The definition of adventure is; an exciting or very unusual experience; participation in exciting undertakings or enterprise: the spirit of adventure.

Discovering new lands on the other side of the world, climbing Mount Everest or sailing solo around the world at 16 years of age. Now that’s adventure. What has driven these men and women to such adventure? It all comes back down to our brains again, and the chemicals that drive us.  The anticipation, planning, organizing and the actual adventure itself releases dopamine into the brain and in addition to increasing our attention (as previously talked about with improving our world) makes us susceptible to seeking out the unknown…….going places no man has gone before. This has been of benefit to mankind throughout history but, just because we have run out of new countries to discover our inbuilt mechanism influencing our behavior hasn’t stopped.

We can all have an exciting or unusual experience, participate in exciting undertakings and have a spirit of adventure.

By taking a step towards our own adventure and a balanced RICH life we will benefit from:

1. Discovering your magnificent obsession;
2. Maintaining good health and fitness;
3. Increased your happiness;
4. Having a supportive family and friends;
5. Understanding wealth;
6. Undertaking wholesome work.

* * *

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