The Blueprint to Your New RICH Life

Before we get down to the fun I want to talk to you about a naturally occurring circumstance throughout the modern world as well as the natural environment. It’s called the 80/20 Principle, and the best way to explain it to you in this call is to give you some examples.

– 80 percent of the wealth in your town, city or county is held by 20 percent of the people.

– 80 percent of the peas come from 20 percent of the pea pods.

– 80 percent of the profits in business are derived from 20 percent of the customers.

– 80 percent of the money from crime is stolen by 20 percent of the criminals.

Great isn’t it. I don’t have time to go over all the research that great men such as Wilfried Pareto, Joseph Juran, Richard Koch and more recently Tim Ferris, have outlined in their work, so for now accept the principle because it can improve your life massively, if used correctly and with purpose.

Look at a couple more examples and you will understand why I get so excited with it.

– 80 percent of the work gets done in 20 percent of the time. Therefore, if we reduce the time allocated to a task, productivity increases.

– 80 percent of our happiness comes from 20 percent of what we do. Therefore, if we do more of the 20 percent we like our happiness can increase.

– 80 percent of the benefits of friends come from 20 percent of our friends. Let your friends lift you up in life, not drag you down so spend more time with the beneficial 20 percent.

– 80 percent of our achievement results from 20 percent of our time. If we focus more on the 20 percent we can easily multiply our achievements, goal accomplishment and dreams being realized.

You are probably starting to see where I am heading, and why I get so excited. The principle applies to your own life as an essential tool in reducing the 80 percent of what you don’t want and concentrating on increasing the 20 percent you do.

You simply cannot do everything, have everything, be friends with everyone, learn everything, live everywhere, play everything and desire everything.

Most importantly, we spend our day thinking about wanting all these things when in fact we don’t. Why get upset that you aren’t as famous as Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt when the truth is you don’t want to be. That leads to feeling defeated, overwhelmed, unsuccessful, untalented and jealous. It kills ambition, creativity, motivation and passion. And all of that coming from something that isn’t even true! From things we don’t even want.

Apply the 80/20 Principle to all the items on your RICH life map.

Free yourself up once and for all of all the baggage so you can focus on the important 20%.

Focus, clarity, definiteness of purpose will free you to achieve success.

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