Famous 5amers

Famous 5amers – Who are they, and what can they teach you?

“Early to bed, early to rise makes a man
healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Benjamin Franklin. Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1735.

You have a choice, either get out of bed at 5.00 a.m. and start to be successful or stay in bed and dream about being successful. Most successful people get up early. Most unsuccessful people sleep in. If you look back in history you will see that many of the great achievers have been early risers such as Peter the Great, Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Daniel Webster.

A 5am Wake Up Call, has the primary purpose of giving you clarity to what your magnificent obsession is and giving you a direct path to take action immediately towards achieving that desire. Take strength from the men and women who understand this source of clarity and have chosen to make it a most valuable daily habit.

““He that would thrive must rise at five: he that has thriven may lie till seven”. This proverb is the result of general experience. The first part is very practical, and very profitable. It has put thousands of pounds into the pockets of the industrious, and is endorsed with the names of a host of merchant-princes, and successful tradesman, whom the rest of the world wonder after, as if they had been “born to be lucky,”- forgetting that, under God, “every man is the architect of his own fortune,” and that, by rising a few hours before other people, they have sharpened their wits, and filled their purses, and carried all before them.”

Early Rising. Anna Laetitia Waring (1855).

In more modern times evidence that many of the world’s successful high achievers are early risers clearly shows this is a habit, which has outstanding results. Theodore Roosevelt rose for breakfast before dawn. George W Bush would arrive at the Oval Office by 6.45 a.m., having risen much earlier. Barack and Michelle Obama wake up at 5.30 a.m. to work out before breakfast. German Philosopher Immanuel Kant would wake up at 5am and have a cup of tea, smoke his pipe and meditate.  Benito Juarez, Mexico’s first full-blooded indigenous citizen to preside as president woke up before dawn to study and organize the path to democracy for his country. Michael Bloomberg, Major of New York, billionaire businessman and philanthropist. Rupert Murdock, media baron, Chairman and CEO of News Corp and billionaire. Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell Inc., billionaire and philanthropist, and many others.

There are tangible benefits from rising early in the morning, which has been adopted by men and women of all walks of life throughout the world over the last two thousand years or more. Isn’t it time you unleash the power of a 5am Wake Up Call to take on the challenge of life with full force?

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