Your Magnificent Obsession

Now, to go further to supercharge the process you need to make the habit of writing out your 5am Wake Up Call Magnificent obsession statement (I call it your M.O. Statement for short). This brings it all together so you gain clarity with passion through focusing on exactly what you want out of life every morning you wake up at 5am.

So, when I wake up at 5am I sit down and hand write out my MO Statement in my journal. After which, I feel focused, have given my major purpose definite thought, may have updated it with new information and most importantly, bought it to the forefront of the days thinking.

Now, how you word your M.O. Statement is something that needs to be worked on with precision because, it is extremely effective in bringing it’s contents to reality. So you want to make sure you really want what you ask for, because it will happen.

You need to follow the 5 rules of an M.O. Statement.

1. Trust in facts, not faith: You cannot control the universe and other people. You can control what you do and your environment. So don’t ask to win lotto! Don’t write down that your boss is simply going to give you a promotion. You cannot control her! Write down what you are going to do to make sure you are invaluable to her.

2. Integrity always: Your statement must uphold honesty and truth to you, others and all things. Without this through the law of attraction, whether by negligence, oversight or not being true to yourself, may come back and bite you. Honest people will only be at ease with you when you keep your integrity. Dishonest people however, will tolerate these indiscretions or failings. So if your MO statement includes dishonest objectives you will attract dishonest people.

3. Make it a fair deal: If you are offering a service or selling something be sure that your M.O. Statement describes your plans so the other person gets a fair deal. I’m not telling you to give it away or miss otherwise achievable profits or outcomes, just be honest with yourself.

4. Know what you want and when you want it: Your new mind maps cannot differentiate between vague details or specific instructions. Therefore, make your M.O. Statement clear about what you want, your magnificent obsession and a balanced life, and when you want it.

5. Know that it’s all about taking the first step: Whilst your MO Statement needs to be worded correctly and have integrity it is NOT a highly detailed plan. You don’t need to outline all the specifics needed to move from initial idea to successfully achieving your primary objective. If that were the case none of us would get anywhere because we would never start. The aim is to get the ball rolling and take the first step. Once you do, the actual plan will reveal itself in more detail with the law of attraction, and you can update the statement.

So now you have all the tools to make a massive change to your life lets talk about making the habit of a 5am Wake Up Call long lasting, enjoyable and a great adventure.

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