Your Rich Life

Your Rich Life – A 5am Wake Up Call is your time to look to the future and ask some questions. What do you want out of life? Where do you want to live? What do you want to do? How much money do you want? What adventure are you looking for? Who do you want to share your life with? How do you want to keep fit? How do you want to stay healthy? What do you want to be remembered for when you leave this earth?

When I thought about all these questions my head started to spin. I sort of knew where I wanted to live. I sort of knew what toys I wanted. I sort of knew I wanted a lot of money. I sort of knew how I wanted to live. The problem was that I sort of knew a lot but didn’t know definitely any of the answers. There was a mass of possibilities all jumbled up in my head without order or clarity. It was chaos. It was time I was honest with myself and accepted that I wasn’t that clear about much at all.

This is how we live an accidental life. This is how we end up drifting through life without any definiteness of purpose.

When we are not clear we cannot make the correct change and without the correct change we will end with the wrong result and in the wrong place. Also, it’s sadly easier just to take what comes to us in life making the small decisions on the hop and the large decisions only when we are forced to by someone or something else, usually under pressure! But when that happens we are not in control.  It’s like a madman’s at the wheel! He might know how to drive a car but he is not looking at the signs and is lost. Pull over and look at the map!  You don’t want to find yourself accidentally down the wrong road!

Mind mapping is a powerful way to develop your Rich Life as you can quickly get all your thoughts down with order and detail while promoting imagination, creativity and passion. A mind map is a supercharged version of how you may currently write out a list of something to do or tasks for a project you’re working on. It is used for just about anything; in fact I used it to help me write my book. What sets mind mapping ahead of a normal list is that it uses the full synergy of the brain by stimulating both the right and left sides of the cerebrum.

In this step you will use the power of mind mapping to plan out how you would like to live, your dream life, your 5am Wake Up Call rich life.

The six components I’m just about to setout out are the essential foundations of your Rich Life and will need be worked on to maintain balance. They all need to be in balance otherwise success cannot be lasting.

Now, to start mind mapping draw a circle in the middle of the page and in it write out your name followed by, Rich Life. For mine it’s, “Bryce’s Rich Life”. Later on, add of picture of you doing something you love here. This will bring on the power of mind mapping by stimulating your minds neurons, and the drugs naturally released into your system, which help you pay attention (dopamine’s) and enjoy the experience (endorphins).

Using the power of mind mapping you are going to map out all your choices for each foundation, no matter how wild or grand they may be. You can once and for all put all your cards on the table. No one else will ever need to see this, so don’t hold back or be afraid, we are not concerned with the reality we normally try to live by. It’s a time to be free.

So, lets start it together, for each foundation branch off as many ideas as you can and don’t worry if you have the same thing in more than one foundation group, that’s normal.

* * *

First Foundation: My Magnificent Obsession

Branching out of your Rich Life circle make another shape and within it write, my magnificent obsession. In this, map out everything you have ever thought about doing, wild ideas have you ever wanted to pursue, ideas you love with passion and must do before you die? This is not a bucket list. This is the time to look at all your options for your major purpose in life. Mine was to be a pilot, rancher, famous actor, rodeo star and much more. What are yours? Remember, no limits!

* * *

Second Foundation: Health & Fitness:

Again, make another shape branching out from your rich life titled Health and Fitness. Divide this into two sub groups;

1. Health: List off the things which worry you about your health, what have you ever wanted to fix up, what checks should you start making given your age, family history or environmental impacts which may have affected you? And;

2. Fitness: What have you ever wanted to do that would help your fitness? List them out, no limits! I love jogging on the beach and surfing, what do you want to do. (Remember, don’t worry about mapping things you have no idea about, maybe you can’t wind surf now but have always wanted to?

* * *

Third Foundation: Happiness

This foundation is also divided into two sub groups:

1. Happy triggers: Map out everything you love doing, may love doing or want to start doing.

2. Unhappy triggers: What do you hate, what pisses you off; what don’t you like at work.  Now’s the time to get it ALL off your chest! Map out everything (and every one) that makes you unhappy…..Everything!

* * *

Fourth Foundation: Family and Friends

The first sub-group, family, consists of a family tree but, ONLY for the living.

With the friends sub-group branch off as many groups as you need, old school friends, work friends, sports club friends, neighbors etc. Then fill it up with as many people as you can that you know personally.

* * *

Fifth Foundation: Wealth

Now this map is really fun. Make as many sub-groups as you need, home, holidays, cars, toys, clothes and so on. Now start shopping but, imagine that you have as much money as you want, an open cheque book.

My wildest want is a helicopter, what is yours?

* * *

Sixth Foundation: Work 

Map out all the options you have ever considered, would like to have considered or dreamt of doing for work. Remember, no limits, this is your dream job and if this repeats itself with any of the other maps such as your magnificent obsession or happiness, that’s fine.

It took me a few days to complete step 3 and in the end my map was massive. My central Bryce’s rich life circle was surrounded by all 6 foundations full of possibilities, options, wants, desire, loves, hates and so on.

I actually used a great program on my laptop, which I can tell you about another time but for now, you should be starting to understand how much we carry around in out heads. Lots! As I said earlier, it can be overwhelming, if not chaotic!

So, lets tidy the mess up, radically.

* * *

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