The Science of 5am

The habit of a 5am Wake Up Call is the catalyst for you to reset your habits and change your life.

The mental process of a 5am Wake Up Call, and the all-important action taken during that 15 to 60 minutes will physically change your mind by rewiring your brain.

The phrase to “rewire your Brain” is one that is overused and more so, one that is not fully understood. The truth behind the phrase is that we now have a proven science to explain the process of “rewiring” the brain. Neuroscience have shown that by using the correct technique you can measurably change both the physical structure of your brain, by increasing its size, and the quality of your brain, by increasing its speed and efficiency. It is similar to your muscles which will grow and become more efficient with exercise and exertion but is sadly, not considered in the same way, that’s why it’s far more common to be heading off to the gym for a workout than exercising your brain.  A 5am Wake Up Call however, is a perfect way to improve your mind with focused attention, persistence and passion.

The process known as neuroplasticity means, “the brain’s natural ability to form new connections in order to compensate for injury or changes in one’s environment”.

A 5am Wake Up Call is that changed environment.

I could write about pages about neuroplasticity but this is not the place so, in order to get through everything lets understand this simple concept that scientists have shown takes place in our brain.

When we think about something often, form a habit or focus and concentrate on a subject the path that our neurons take in our brains during that thought grow as extra blood is directed to the cells and chemicals released to promote further use.

So the routine of waking up at 5am forges new maps in the brain, which grow in size, speed and efficiency over time until a habit is formed and the brain has physically been changed. If you think about your magnificent obsession during your early morning habit that too, will become a well-used path; bigger, stronger, faster. Because that map is now so well exercised it will more likely be used throughout the entire day, activating the law of attraction. This means, and this is proven science, that because the brain maps for your magnificent obsession are primed your senses will pick up on the smallest amount of information coming from the environment. Therefore, you may hear someone in the background talking about a subject that can help you that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. You are more likely to talk about your idea, see something of relevance, go out of your way to locate knowledge or seek out help when you persistently send information down a well used path which is getting bigger, faster and stronger.

One of the keys to helping this process is having passion. When you have passion you release the chemicals into your body, which helps you pay attention. Paying attention is another key because; in order to make new (and long lasting) maps you must have clarity. If you try to make a map with apathy, that is foggy or unclear, you will never make the connections last. They will be overturned by the competitive nature of the brain with its limited space and high demand for ideas and thoughts (a result of our busy lives).

That is why the power of neuroplasticity is improved by having a definiteness of purpose. Something you are crystal clear about doing. You have to be clear about what you want out of life in order to make it a RICH life.

The early morning is the best time to do this, as the brain is well rested having processed the previous days input overnight. You don’t have many distractions, it is quiet and the time is yours to do whatever you choose.

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