What is 5am WakeUp?

What Is a 5am Wake Up Call? – A 5am Wake Up Call is the habit of waking up at 5am to achieve your biggest dreams in life, and live a life of balance. I call that a rich life. Without this you can easily drift through, what I call, an accidental life without achieving true success. So by choosing to become a 5’amer you are literally giving yourself a wake up call because living a 5 am lifestyle makes everything you ever wanted possible.

Knowing what to do in ones life can often be one of the hardest and most endless questions you face. Life is molded, swayed or diverted by countless influences and feels out of control at times. A 5am Wake Up provides you time to consider your dreams, desires and who you wish to be. A greater understanding of ones self is essential and too often it is given a low priority. Identifying the feelings you get in the pit of your stomach when thinking about a goal or dream is essential if you are to live a full life. When the passion is recognized you can focus and gain clarity as to what it is that makes you spark. You can then discover your magnificent obsession; The essential component.

Symbiotically, while your magnificent obsession is the essential component to a 5 am wake up call; a 5am wake up call is an essential component to your magnificent obsession.

By discovering your magnificent obsession jumping out of bed at 5 a.m. becomes easy and a lasting habit achievable. Your magnificent obsession will consume your thoughts and your actions. It will transcend into your day, over the months and years, and into your life. It will become who you are giving you passion and purpose.

A 5am Wake Up call habit allows you to achieve your magnificent obsession by giving you focus, clarity and persistence of action. It places it ahead of other people’s demands, ahead of work, ahead of family, ahead of distractions and brings it to the forefront of your day. During those critical hours you will imbed your thoughts with details of your magnificent obsession, which will be carried with you throughout the rest of the day, and into your life.

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