Success Stories

Ian Smallman – 5am Success Story

 “At 51 I now feel fitter and healthier than I did when I was 23. The Paradigm shift of putting ME at the beginning of my busy day has made all the difference.  I cannot believe it and more people need to try it. Thank you for caring, you’ve got my back.”  Ian Smallman, Business...

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Peter Cern-e-az – 5am Success Story

“Thanks to Bryce I’ve been getting up at 5am nearly every day for three months. It’s one of the most powerful tools I have to transform my life, and the lives of those I love.” Peter Cern-e-az, Artist and Business Owner

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Mark Malatesta – 5am Success Story

“I was skeptical when Bryce first told me that a 5am Wakeup would make me happier and more productive (and let me sleep more). But he was so passionate about it, I had to listen. Then I started reading about the science of a 5am life. I looked at the success stories. And (most important) I tried it! Establishing my 5am habit was a lot easier than I thought it would be (I’ve never...

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