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G’day, my name is Bryce chapman and I’m the head trainer at 5am Wake Up Call.

A 5am Wake Up Call is the habit of waking up at 5am to achieve your biggest dreams in life, and live a life of balance. I call that a rich life. Without this you can easily drift through, what I call, an accidental life without achieving true success. So by choosing to become a 5’amer you are literally giving yourself a wake up call because living a 5 am lifestyle makes everything you ever wanted possible.

Knowing what to do in ones life can often be one of the hardest and most endless questions you face. A 5am Wake Up Call provides you time to consider your dreams, desires and who you wish to be.  When the passion is recognized you can focus and gain clarity as to what it is that makes you spark. You can then discover your magnificent obsession; the essential component.

After ten years of research into my own 5am Wake Up call I have developed a brand new strategy for high achievers, and those who dream of becoming high achievers.

Now you can add power to your existing early morning habit, or start a new routine  – one that will bring you success much faster than you ever thought possible. From as early as tomorrow morning you can add the catalyst that will result in more focus, passion, and purpose in your life.

That’s what this website is all about. We love coming up with new ways to help our clients make a blueprint for their new RICH life, re-discover adventure with a magnificent obsession and establish a 5am Wake Up Call habit to take action. That’s why we offer free online coaching on this webpage. It’s all about taking action. All you have to do to participate is scroll below to post a question and start online coaching with us.

Now the catch (sort of)…

Online Coaching & Consulting – Disclaimer

Even though we provide free online coaching, there’s a good chance you’ll eventually want to take our conversation offline at some point… and have a real conversation by phone or Skype. Maybe even face-to-face. Some questions are simply too BIG to deal with on a blog.

So if you have a question that’s too complex, private, or urgent to post here… don’t worry. You can click here to schedule an introductory coaching call. Whatever you decide, take action now. Coaching and consulting sessions are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

Bryce Chapman

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8 Responses to “Free Consulting”

  1. Yes, 5am is good, and 4am for my clientele is even better. I teach my busy New York bar candidates who are working and studying for the bar exam how to get up at 4am (5am would be sleeping late!). Otherwise, the job occupies all of their attention, they are exhausted after work, and the studying never happens. But if a student studies for perhaps three hours every morning, then the job becomes just something that comes after the real task for the day is done. It works!

    • It is fantastic to hear from a fellow early riser who understands that when dreams are left till the end of the day they will be overrun in a busy and tiring life. As you know, getting up at 4 or 5am is not an easy habit to forge and maintain, but when the cost of not finding block time to work on a dream, goal or project are honestly accounted for, it is well worth the effort.
      You couldn’t describe this habit any better than by saying that their 9-5 job just becomes something that comes after the REAL task of the day…..of their life!!
      Working on a dream….a magnificent obsession…must be the number one task of the day, but it is important to align the other areas of life so they PUSH this major purpose forward. Let me be clear, it’s not about a balanced life, but a life that pushes you towards success in your major purpose in every way (your family and friends, health and fitness, money, work and happiness). That is the purpose of a 5am Wake Up Call.

      Thanks for your great comment, would love to hear from your students.


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  3. Hello,
    I’m afraid I can’t afford a paid consultation at this moment so a quick written answer would make a huge change. I need 8 hrs of sleep. So, how do I start? Simply by going to bed at 9 pm and getting up at 5 am or is there anything else to it? (I got the rest – the motivational part – from the MP3.) Thank you for your time.
    Cheers, Verena

    • Bryce Chapman says:

      Dear Verena,
      The first step is to decide on the rules;
      How many mornings are you going to wake up at 5am?
      Are you going straight to 5am or gradually over a week or more?
      What do you need to do (go to bed early, alarm, prepare)?
      The most important question is, what are you going to do at 5am?
      You must have a burning desire to do something GREAT that will motivate you to get up. This is your chance to live a dream. I wrote my new book between 5-7am. That’s living a dream!
      What will you do?

  4. Good morning!

    Okay, this is not a snide question at all, this is truly my life:

    I have been in aviation for 25 years (pilot, dispatch)and it is a 24 hour lifestyle, always has been and will be. In order to support my two kids, I work dispatch for International Jet Aviation, overnight. It’s air ambulance and high end clientele charter from 5 pm to 8 am. Then I have another part-time day job writing. I’m doing this all so that I don’t have to put my kids in daycare, don’t have to commute (I live in rural area) and I can work on getting my book published.

    What advise can you give to someone with an upside down sleep schedule, who can’t take naps, and is truly exhausted!

    I think that men and women have different biorhythms too. Most men I know can instantly take a nap. They close their eyes and they’re out cold! I’ve never been able to nap, no matter how tired I am. Even on quiet dispatch nights, if I get just one call, it takes me an hour to fall back to sleep.

    If you have any ideas, I would appreciate any advice you have!

    • Wow Erika,
      That is a busy life you have just outlined for me.
      I wish I had a magic cure but sadly I don’t.
      At 5am Wake Up Call what we do initially with our clients is to have a look at how they arrived to where they are today, usually an accidental life. Knowing this can take off the pressure and allow you to free yourself up to make some hard decisions about getting out of the unbalanced life.
      Good paying jobs, especially in a country area, can be hard to get. But if it puts your life out of balance it still may not be the correct place for you to work. Otherwise, getting some help during the day may be whats needed, so you can get some rest. 5am Wake Up Call is about getting more sleep and living a balanced life. My initial thought is that your life is out of balance and when that happens something usually gives. You may need to take some action so you can get your rest before something gives, like your health. This may require big picture decisions such as care of your children, using a nanny, changing jobs etc. It sounds more than needing to learn how to get better naps during your shift. I am not pushing my coaching onto you but I have a 6 week course that would help, if you are interested, start by listening to the free mp3 recording on my web site and maybe booking in an introductory call. Otherwise, if you have another question please feel free to reply. Very kind regards. Bryce

  5. G’day all you high achievers,
    If you have a question about becoming a 5amer to successfully achieve a dream that has been eating away at you, please write it here. You may think you’re too busy, not ready or otherwise unable to be the person you always wanted to be. I can help you be that person now, easier than you ever thought possible.
    Ask me now………

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