How do you wake up early?

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Bryce here.

Before the official launch of my long awaited book, The 5am Playbook, I need your help to answer one quick question for me.


What is the one best strategy you have used to make sure you get up early….. when you really have to?


I have been experimenting with waking up at 5am for well over 10 years now so, I’m really interested in what works for you.

This could be so you don’t miss a flight, get to a meeting on time, beat the traffic, catch a wave or just to start a new habit to do something great with your day…….

……I would really love to know how you have been doing this so far.


Please leave a comment.


Thanks very much.





15 Responses to “How do you wake up early?”

  1. Having a spouse or a family, life style choices are limited. One can only have some activities early in the morning,without disturbing others sleep.

    Like many people, I’ve found easier to wake up early from April to October, with or without an alarm clock.
    I guess it is the excitement of meeting the sun.

    But after that, this habit could actually have the opposite effect: thinking about personal and professional problems (earlier), feeling tired at about 3 PM, etc.

  2. Hi Bryce,

    I have always been a early riser and my urgency to get up at 4.30am daily is to go and enjoy myself through my favorite activities including paddling, bike riding, swimming etc before work. I am of the belief if you can do what you want to do early then what you need to do the rest of the day is easier and more enjoyable on the back of the feelings from earlier moments in the day.

    Keep up the good work Grant

  3. Gwenne Gorman says:

    What works best for me is when I call upon my own self-determination. When I am motivated, inspired or passionate about something or someone in my life then I am infused with a natural source of energy.

    • Hi Gwenne,
      Great to hear from you again.
      As one of my past coaching clients you know all about self motivation, inspiration and passion. They are the keys to waking up early and to succeed in what you choose to focus on.
      It’s great that ofter a couple of years since our coaching this is still working for you and agree totally that this is a fantastic natural source of energy.
      The power of the mind can result in amazing achievements and the most critical time is in those waking few minutes……when you decide, am I going to go back to sleep or getting up to live my dream life!
      Thanks again.

  4. This has been a struggle for about 7 years. I tried everything. Most internet articles on the subject were useless advice like ‘move the alarm away from your bed’. I tried an alarm with wheels that ran away but id quickly catch it and doable it before falling back in bed. My two biggest breakthroughs were a tamper proof alarm with a diary panel at the other end of the house –
    And 5am Wakeup call coaching with Bryce. Best money I ever spent.

    • Thanks Paul,
      I know you have tried many different ways of starting an early rising habit for many years and it has been a great pleasure in helping you with my one-on-one coaching.
      Your experience with alarm clocks is something everyone can learn from because you have tried (and failed) with them all. It is proof that while an alarm clock is essential it is not the final solution. The most important tool we have in waking up early is our mind set….in particularly having an extraordinary reason to bounce out of bed and take the day head on.
      This is best described as finding your magnificent obsession (a dream) and then taking action with focus, discipline and persistence to work towards its achievement.
      Your doing a great job at doing just that!
      Well done.

  5. Hi Bryce,
    Thanks for asking. I usually try to go to bed earlier than normal. Where possible, with a clear head, so that I don’t try to solve the problems of the world, while I am trying to fall asleep. I also set the alarm for 4.45am, so that I can hit the snooze button once only. I trick myself into thinking that I have slept in for 15 minutes. Unfortunately, it can blow out to 30 minutes, but hey… I’m still happy with that. 5.15 is still better than 6.30.

    • Thanks Tony,
      You have hit on a great point. Making waking up at 5am a habit is not about putting more demands on your life OR going with LESS sleep. In fact I would prefer to say you can get more sleep!.
      How can that be so?
      Well 5am Life Hacking is a “way of life” that includes going to bed earlier, living healthier and being fitter. So, while the occasional late night with friends and red wine is cool, it is not the normal. I try to be in bed by 9.45 – 10.00 pm (often even earlier) so that I still get 7 hours of good sleep…….and trust me, when you have been waking at 5am and going hard at it you will sleep deeply (….more quality sleep).
      And yes, 5.15am is still great….you can do a lot with an extra 45 minutes of quality time each morning.
      Thanks again.

  6. Hannah Comins says:

    Hello. I’ve found your theory fascinating and I am intrigued to learn how my day could be improved by waking earlier. At present I struggle with a 7am wake up as I enjoy a full 9 hours. However, when I was younger my mum taught me a trick for if we had an rise early. For 5am (eg) I would tap my head on my pillow 5 times and repeat to myself “I must wake up at 5am” until I fell asleep. It worked everytime and I would feel alert and ready to get up.
    I haven’t tried it for years but as my daughter has just woken me, at 2am,  I expect I’ll be a bit grouchy in the morning so I’ll give it a go to see if I can awaken a little earlier and happier 🙈
    Good luck with your book.

    • Dear Hannah,
      Thanks for your comment.
      Many of us have an intuitive acceptance that waking up early is good for us. Maybe because it seems to be the opposite of sleeping in really late which is more associated with being lazy and unsuccessful. Maybe because we hear about gold medal winning athletes who train early in the morning, or world leaders who seem to squeeze the most out of each day by rising early.
      For me, those intuitive thoughts sparked over 10 years of experimenting with a 5am Wake Up Call on my own life. In short, this habit allows me to focus on the things important to me before the busy day takes over. If that time is lost I just never seem to get around to doing those things. Whatever the reason (to get fit, write a book, start a business, re-train or just to take the dog for a walk) waking up early makes it possible.
      My challenge to you would be to think about something you really want to do, something that is important that you haven’t started yet (or have but you gave up as you were too busy) and wake up an hour or two earlier each day to work on it. Make sure it’s before the day starts (kids, work, commitments etc) and you focus 100% on your goal.
      Give that a go for a month and measure the results.
      Good luck…..
      and please let me know how you go.

  7. I make sure what I have to get up for is exciting. I have no trouble getting up at 5am to go skiing!

    • That’s great Guy.
      One of my favourate mantras is that we can always manage to wake up early if we are going on a holiday and have to catch a flight. I would prefer to treat every day with the same excitement as when we are going on a holiday, that is, to bounce out of bed with the enthusiasm and expectation of making the day truly great. I appreciate that in the real world this may not always be possible but, isn’t it better to try to love each morning (as if we were just about to leave for a holiday) than to struggle through each morning, waiting for our holidays.

      I have a quick video about this on my Youtube channel called “Don’t miss your flight”….. check it out (heres the link)


  8. First, my website is under reconstruction. Don’t go there yet.
    Second, I congratulate you for a clever approach in marketing.
    Third, if I need to be awake by 5 am, I’ll won’t even go to bed, because I rarely can fall asleep earlier than 2 or 3 am. I have worked too many years putting newspapers to bed with late-night production deadlines. To board morning flights, I’m better off sleeping on the plane.

    • Hi David,
      Yes, late nights meeting newspaper deadlines means you are doing it all at the opposite end of the day to me.
      One of my keys strategies is to get to bed early when rising early…..we can’t burn the candle at both ends for too long!
      Happy you are on board anyway because much of what I do in relation to focus, discipline and persistence can be done later than 5am, for those who work late (the night owls).
      Thanks again.

    • One more question for you David,
      I understand that you are a night person and early rising may not suite your current life/work style but I am interested in what motivates your interest in my 5am Wake Up Call/ Life Hacking concept.
      I definitely think it is great, but would love to know why.
      Your feed back as one of my subscriber would be really appreciated.

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