Ingvar Kamprad – Famous 5amer

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Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA, Sweden’s most famous export and successful retail giant. Mr. Kamprad started his business career at the age of six by buying matches in packs of ten and splitting them up to sell on his bicycle at a profit to his neighbors in his small farming community. In 1943 at the age of seventeen he founded IKEA, an acronym from the initials in his name plus that of the family farm, Elmtaryd and hometown, Agunnaryd. The IKEA concept and trademark in now worldwide with over three hundred stores in thirty eight countries with a turn over of more than $30 billion a year making Mr. Kamprad one of the richest men on the world. After retiring as CEO in 1986 now at the age of 82 Ingvar still starts his working day at 5 a.m., often showing up at IKEA stores before the delivery trucks arrive in his role as senior adviser.

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