Mark Malatesta – 5am Success Story

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“I was skeptical when Bryce first told me that a 5am Wakeup would make me happier and more productive (and let me sleep more). But he was so passionate about it, I had to listen. Then I started reading about the science of a 5am life. I looked at the success stories. And (most important) I tried it! Establishing my 5am habit was a lot easier than I thought it would be (I’ve never been a morning person). Now I’m more focused and productive: my business is booming, I have a lot more confidence, and I’m having more fun. That’s because success is fun (so is feeling like you’re in control of your life)! Even my marriage is better (it wasn’t bad before… but if you’re an entrepreneur or work in the corporate world you know the strain that all those hours can put on your relationships). If you’re thinking about becoming a 5amer, or if you want to take your existing 5am life to the next level, talk to Bryce. He’s the real deal.”

Mark Malatesta, Founder of Literary Agent Undercover and former NY Times bestselling literary agent

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