For the past 21 years Bryce has been visiting schools speaking to children and teachers in an energetic, informative and educational program that has resulted in a highly successful business model

and well regarded service. During that time over 100 team members have been trained to deliver over 25,000 presentations to well over one million children. Bryce’s new 5am Wake Up Call consulting company continues the opportunity to experience his unique ability to speak and deliver valuable presentations with genuine passion and energy.DSC_1313-2


Bryce will customize his 5am Wake Up Call speaking and training programs for two broad groups;

1. The first group is the high achievers, some of whom are already be waking up at 5am or even earlier, but now want to fine tune their effort, succeed in a specific project or return balance to their busy life.

2. The second group is those who want to become high achievers and are looking for help to make the change.

Both of these groups will include:

Individuals including:

– Entrepreneurs

– Directors, Executive Officers and Employees

– Students and stay at home Moms

– Anyone looking for adventure in life

– Anyone with a short, medium or long-term goal

Organizations such as:

– Focus groups

– Hobby groups

– Guilds….. and so on

Corporations and business wanting to:

– Increase productivity

– Change the culture

– Improve work/life balance or promote flexible working hours

– Focus on short, medium or long-term objectives

To begin your customized presentation please email Bryce using the button below.



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